June 2017 Newsletter

Don’s Did You Know?

One of the Guiding Principles for Clayton is to “…leave the world better than we found it”, and as part of the principle we work hard to be very involved in our local community. Recently, we had the opportunity to help a truly amazing organization with a local outreach program. Sulphur Springs Work Camp is an annual program, where hundreds of kids come together for three days to serve our community in a faith based environment. They break up into groups and scrape and paint about 20 houses every year. They learn fellowship lessons every evening with a series of fantastic speakers. This year with help from Sherwin Williams, we were able to donate all of the paint for these homes! We had several groups of team members visit these homes prior to the camp to get the homes ready to paint by replacing boards, trim or whatever the home needed. We also got to help deliver meals each day to the work groups. Thanks Clayton Homes for allowing us to be part of our great community.

Customer Care Spotlight

Jim Cox with Clayton Sulphur Springs- Mill  Department
This month’s spotlight is one of our very own, Mr. Jim Cox. As of May, Mr. Cox has been with our company for fourteen years! He is a great representative for us with our homeowners when they come in for a plant tour. They love listening to his story and always walk away with a smile. What a great role model! Attached is a picture of him with one of our families, the Clowers. He as well as all of our employees play a vital role with the success of our company. Congratulations Jim! We appreciate you sir!

 Featured Home

The Infinite Value – Solution 28×44
The Infinite Value may be the smallest home by square footage produced in Sulphur Springs, but it’s value and appearance is immeasurable. With three bedrooms and two full baths, this home will meet the housing needs of most. The kitchen of this open plan features a functional island with drop down countertop perfect for those quick school day breakfasts. The spacious living room has an optional built-in Entertainment Center that is the ideal place for the flat screen TV. Multiple master bath configurations allow customization that is either practical or relaxing like a spa. Optional linen cabinets can be installed both inside and outside of the large guest bath, which is convenient for towel storage and other storage needs.

Don’t let the size of this home fool you…the Infinite Value is sure to make an enormous impact on the sales for your home center.

 Safety Fact

Plant 938 Safety Committee members voted in September of 2016 to change the razor knife that we have always used, due to multiple OSHA recordables and small cuts that this razor knife has caused. The Stanley style razor knife has caused countless injuries over the years. With the new, voted in, retractable razor knife it has dramatically reduced our cuts and lacerations by 78% with no OSHA recordables to date.

Ridge Row Vents

This month we would like to focus on ridge row vents.

The manufacturer is finding ridge vents in the field where installers are using 1½” coil nails to secure the ridge vent. This is not an approved method of installation. These nails do not penetrate through the OSB, allowing the ridge vent to lift and cause water infiltration. The factory provides 2½” nails to insert into the designated spot on the ridge vent for proper installation.

Quality Assurance

To provide top quality product for our customers, 938 has implemented our final 938 Quality Team Walk.

This team is the final set of eyes that go through our homes in the natural outdoor light after the home is complete. The purpose of this team is to go through every room of the home to check for any damage that might have been missed and to make sure the home is clean and meets the quality standards that is expected here in Sulphur Springs.