September 2017 Newsletter

Don’s Did You Know?

We are so proud to welcome a new family member to our team, Mrs. Kenna Galloway, our new Human Resource Manager. Kenna is filling a new role for us to help us continually improve our Team Member Experience. We have an amazing team here and we look forward to Kenna helping us become the employer of choice in Sulphur Springs. With great team members comes great homes for you our valued retailers. Here is a little about her:

  • I just moved from Houston to Winnsboro with my husband, Matt, and our 5-year old son, Phoenix.
  • I’m very passionate about anything related to music – I sing, play guitar and piano, I love to dance, I collect vinyl records, and I’m happiest when I’m in the middle of a crowd at a great live music show.
  • I started my career in Human Resources 14 years ago and truly love what I do!
  • Everyone here at Clayton Sulphur Springs has been incredibly welcoming! I feel very lucky to be part of the team now, and look forward to the many adventures we’ll share together!

Customer Care Spotlight

Ed Veith | Oakwood Homes — Austin, TX
In the spotlight for this month is Ed ‘nothing falls through the cracks’ Veith. Besides Ed’s fondness of his Harley and road trips with his buddies, he is gifted with communication skills and so much more. We appreciate the partnership and sometimes needed humor from this great guy.

Thank You, Ed for all you do!


As everyone is aware, the housing market continues to expand and demand for our homes are at an all-time high. This demand has triggered a review of under-utilized options that either slow our production rates and/or lead to diminished customer experience. The following options were identified as meeting this criteria and will be deleted by the end of this year.

White Appliances
Atrium Doors
Fan Front Door
40# Roof Load
R-15 Sidewall Insulation
Plywood Floors
2×6 Walls will only be available in CO
Pot/Pan Rack
Breadmaker Island
Oil Rubbed Bronze Knobs

While these changes may affect you in some way, it allows us to increase production while “Building Happyness” for our customers. We feel these changes will impact everyone in a positive manner as demand is expected to increase as we enter into 2018. Regardless of the deletions, there have been several additions to our product offering that were to be introduced at the Texas Home Show. You will learn more about these exciting new materials and options in the coming months. These changes will provide a new look that will attract homeowners while ensuring that we provide the best home value in the market.

Environmental Health & Safety

Sulphur Springs is scheduled for 2017 ISO Recertification the week of October 16th. Some improvements that were implemented this year include the following: recycling all water bottles, spill containment systems on bulk chemicals, and also discontinuing the use of anti-freeze in our houses. These improvements play a vital part in making the world we live in a better place now and for the future.

Sulphur Springs Safety Record:
Plant 917 (Frame Shop) – 5833 days without a loss time injury.
2495 days without an injury.

Plant 938 (Main Plant) – 1488 days without a loss time injury.
35 days without an injury.

Service Tips

Here’s some service tips on fixing loose edging.

Occasionally we see Formica edging that is coming loose. A gap at the butt seam of edging allows dust to accumulate which in turn will affect the adhesive bond. Four steps can assure proper repairs.

1. Use a hair dryer and a putty knife (5 in 1) to slowly relax and pull back the edging approximately 2” beyond the area where the edging IS LOOSE.

2. Use an adhesive remover to remove old adhesive on the counter top rail AND the inside of the edging (allow 5 minutes to dry).

3. Apply new adhesive to both the counter top rail and the inside of the edging.

4. Using a small wood block, clamp the edging the entire length where it has been re-glued.

5. Allow to dry per the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions…at least 30 minutes.

The Extra Mile

Going The Extra Mile For Quality!!!! Clayton Sulphur Springs has a super duo that work on all of our exterior SmartPanel homes after they leave the production floor. Their goal is to make sure all of the paint touch up is complete. They check all areas of the home to make sure the silicone areas have been done correctly to code requirements and the home meets the quality standards that
Sulphur Springs expects.

A big thank you to Ricky Martinez (bottom left) and Danny Woodard (upper right)