October 2017 Newsletter

Don’s Did You Know?

Team Sulphur Springs can build more than just beautiful homes, they can build some amazing meals as well. Recently our team competed in the Cattleman’s Classic and Ribeye Roundup, held annually here on Celebration Plaza in downtown Sulphur Springs.

While officially we didn’t win the competition, we did win over the hearts (and stomachs) of many of the over 1,000 in attendance. Later that evening, everyone was treated to a free concert by Stoney Larue. What a great community that Clayton Homes is so proud to support in every way we can.

Important Reminder

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 Customer Care Spotlight

Jonathan Alonso & Eric Hyatt
This month’s spotlight goes to our Parts Acquisition Specialists, Jonathan Alonso and Eric Hyatt. They are the reason that our customers receive their parts in a timely manner by making sure their orders are packaged correctly minimizing damage from shipping. They always go the extra mile and have even delivered parts personally when it is required due to extenuating circumstances. They are an essential part of our Customer Care Team in Sulphur Springs.

Jonathon has been with us going on two years. He is married and excited to announce that they are purchasing their first home this month. Eric has been here for almost 3 years. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and cooking out on his grill and smoker. By the way, he makes some of the best pulled pork that you will ever eat.

The DuraCraft Difference

A new era is about to begin at Clayton Sulphur Springs. Our facility will be transitioning to DuraCraft cabinets starting in December, and will have all three colors switched over by the first of the year. This new vinyl-wrapped cabinet system will be a game changer for us, and will give you a definitive advantage in the market. The most drastic color change will be with the Ballister cabinet. This cabinet will shift from the red tones to a true, brown cabinet with impressive graining. The color change of the Houston Plank and Fossil Oak will not be as noticeable. These new cabinets not only have a heavy grain that you can see and feel, but are much more durable than the paper wrapped cabinets of old. The DuraCraft vinyl will not only be used on the cabinet system, but all of our trim will be wrapped in the same durable vinyl. The new color names will be Suny Valley (Ballister), Charlynn (Houston Plank) and Emberwood (Fossil Oak).
The Suny Valley cabinets are pictured below.

The DuraCraft Difference doesn’t stop there! Has anyone ever asked you for larger drawers that could store pots and pans? Well, you can now offer these in all of our homes. All islands built with the new DuraCraft cabinets will have a set of Pot & Pan Drawers standard. As long as your customer selects one of our islands in their kitchen, it will have two large drawers that make it easy to access those
larger items.

As stated before, this will be a game changer in our industry. You and your team can boldly and proudly showcase this new component of our homes to your customers. Our great homes just keep getting better!

Service Tidbit

When we load our houses with the materials needed for close up, we make sure that we take plenty of pictures of what is going to be needed to close up the house when it gets to the site. Here you can see a picture of the exterior close up parts. We also take pictures of different areas of the house to keep on file showing how the house was built according to the invoice. Have a Happy Halloween!!

HR Happenings

October 2nd- 6th was Building Happyness Week, a time when team members are encouraged to focus on the little things we can do throughout the year to Build Happyness in ourselves, our teams, and our customers. During this year’s Building Happyness Week, the team at Sulphur Springs had fun passing out personalized M&M’s with the Clayton Sulphur logo to the hard-working Team Members on the plant floor. Just a little surprise in the middle of the day to put a smile on everyone’s face! Check out the video…