November 2017 Newsletter

Don’s Did You Know?

Clayton Sulphur Springs was given the opportunity to give back to some of the most amazing people in our community…the teachers and staff at Lamar Elementary.

The Sulphur Springs Independent School District has a program set up where local businesses can adopt a school. We will be able to spoil each of the teachers and staff throughout the school year by providing lunches, gift cards and sometimes simply saying THANK YOU for what they do for our community. Teachers have provided so much for each of us throughout our own lives, and we are so fortunate to be able to support this team at Lamar Elementary.

Our first event was a cookout for the teachers and staff, which featured grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. There were even cupcakes on the menu decorated with our 20th Anniversary M&M’s. This occasion allowed us to meet each of the teachers and staff in person, and grow this relationship together. We look forward to more opportunities to give back to this great community in which we live.

Customer Care Spotlight

This month we would like to recognize our veterans including one of our very own. Bob Taylor, our Customer Care Service Coordinator, has been with Clayton Homes going on 14 years. He served in The United States Army from 1969-1975 as a helicopter crew chief. He also served in the airborne infantry, armor and artillery units as a Sergeant. He is an inspiration to all of us who work with him due to his devotion to God, country and family which shows in everything he does. Bob also leads his fellow senior church brothers in Sunday School. His main hobbies are ancient Bible Hebrew and genealogy. He and his wife Mary, are raising 7 grand kids whom they adopted. He enjoys spending leisure and work time on their ranch. The wealth of experience he brings allows us to deliver excellent results when caring for our customers. He instills the spirit of courage, discipline and tolerance in everything he does. We are blessed to have him on our team. Our lives are richer just being a part of his.
Thank you Bob… we appreciate you sir!

Service Tidbit

Just a reminder…. On electrical and plumbing issues, the bill back program does not require preauthorization, thus enabling the home center to be more efficient with getting these issues resolved for the homeowner much faster. We still have many entering plumbing and electrical as factory service request. Please utilize this convenience to assist with maintaining healthy relationships with our homeowners. With today’s focus being on customer care, working together is beneficial for all parties involved when it comes to obtaining promoters of our product.

Quality Assurance

Here at the Sulphur Springs facility, we thrive on our ability to deliver an amazing home to our customers. But in part, this could not be accomplished without the TIRE-less efforts of these team members (from left to right….Logan Pierce, Doug Hanson and Justin Varner). These TMs prepare and install the axels and tires to ensure our homes make it to it’s destination to fulfill a family’s dream. Hot or cold…rain or shine, they get the job done! A BIG THANK YOU to these guys and what they do for us every day.

Environmental, Health and Safety

In the past, we had Team Members exposed to falls by having gate openings unguarded. With the new slide-gate design, there is no need for a Team Member(s) to be on top of the mezzanine. A Material Handler can now access the mezzanine to load materials by sliding the gate open from the ground. Clayton Sulphur Springs SAFETY record is the up most importance for our Team Members. Our Frame Shop has worked 5.868 days without a lost workday and 2,530 days without an accident. The main home building facility has worked 1,523 days without a lost workday and 70 days without an accident.

Two New Matterports

Clayton Sulphur Springs just enhanced the buying experience by offering two new Matterport 3D tours. These Matterport 3D tours let the customer actually move through the home as if they were actually there. Click the icon on the top right corner of the photo to see the tour!

The Real Deal

The Power House