February 2018

Don’s Did You Know?

Every year the Clayton Home Building group has a conference for all General Managers, where we work as a team to develop our plans and goals for the upcoming year. These meetings are always well planned and extremely helpful to all of us. This year, however, was extraordinary, as we focused solely on how we improve the experience of our Team Members (TMX). We all know that if our Team Members enjoy their work and are truly engaged in what they do, then our Customer Experience (CX) and thus NPS will also be outstanding.

While you may think that pay is the main drive of the happiness of our team, it really isn’t the most important factor. It’s more about a career growth, a positive work environment, good management practices, and trust in our leadership team. These areas will be our focus in 2018 and we are confident that you will soon see these results. More to come on TMX!

Ask yourself, what will YOU do to change your Team Members lives in 2018?

Customer Care Spotlight

We would like to recognize our friend Judy Bennett from Clayton Homes of Oklahoma City. Judy always takes time to check in the houses as they arrive to their lot and promptly documents and takes pictures of any issues that may need to be addressed.

Also, when receiving warranty parts, she takes time to make sure everything arrives correct and sends back signed packing slips to let us know she has received her parts. Judy’s feedback always helps us know if we need to adjust anything that we are doing or just lets us know that we are doing a great job of sending out a quality home.

Service Tidbit

Just a reminder, when turning in for warranty parts, always have a determined cause listed in the area for notes on the parts request. This helps us process the order faster and efficiently to take care of the customers. When ordering parts, keep in mind that a picture goes a long way and will help you get the right part. However, in the new system, it has a parts catalog that is available to see what a part looks like or a color you may not be sure about.

Sales Feature

Clayton Sulphur Springs is constantly looking for ways to make our homes better for our customers. And this change to our Optional Hall Bath Linen Cabinet is a definite improvement. In the past, the light switches for the hall bath were not installed in the most convenient place. This was due to the depth of the previous linen leaving no room for the switches to be installed just inside the bath room.

Our team is now building the linen cabinet to be placed on top of the vanity. This change provides more countertop area, increased vanity storage and allows for convenient placement of the switches. No longer will our homeowners and their guests have to search for the light switch! The photo will show you what this change will look like when ordered in your next home. Our commitment is to continue providing the best value and innovation for our customers, while ensuring that they have the best experience possible with their new home.

ISO Update

Plant 938 Sulphur Springs, had a Total Land Fill Diversion Savings (Materials Recycled) of $84,449.00 for 2017. We currently recycle wood, sheetrock, cardboard, metal, copper wire, vinyl siding, plastic water bottles, and carpet pad. Our Waste Team’s goal is to recycle even more materials for 2018 to lessen the amount of landfill waste.

Environmental Health & Safety

Our Safety numbers as of January 2018, are currently 1639 days without a loss time injury and 186 days without a OSHA recordable. The Sulphur Springs Team enjoyed a steak dinner for reaching the goal of 6 months without a OSHA recordable. This is a great achievement for our TEAM!

 Quality Assurance

Here at Clayton Sulphur Springs we value the hard work and dedication of every person in our facility. This month we would like to highlight and thank our TESTERS or Team Members involved in the Plumbing, Electrical and Gas Tests. These individuals are “Electrifying” and a testament to our success. The due diligence behind each one of them safeguard our homes to confirm that our customers receive their home without any complications.

From left to right… Matt Bain (Team Leader), Peyton Coke, Stewart Peterson, Devin Helm and Brazos Kight.