March 2018

Don’s Did You Know?

How are we able to build all these homes every day for our great customers? Well, it would never happen if not for our incredible Purchasing Department. Stewart Long (Material Manager), Donna Swor (Chief Bill Payer), and Jeff Stoltenberg (Asst. Material Manager) make this happen for our entire facility every single day. They are in charge of buying every single screw, appliance, window, rafter, valence, p-trap and all the other 2,000 unique parts it takes to build our homes. They manage to schedule and deliver over 10 semi loads a day. Not only do they get all that material here, they order only what we need to produce the homes on that day and week. Hard to imagine that they get all that purchasing and bill paying done with only three people.

So next time you see one of our homes, remember what a great Purchasing team we have that makes all of this possible.

None of this happens without their tremendous efforts!


Customer Care Spotlight

This month we would like to acknowledge Ashlee Harvey, the admin at Clayton Homes of Sulphur Springs. In May, she will celebrate her one year anniversary with Clayton. Ashley goes above and beyond to work with us as a team to provide the best customer experience to our home owners.

Ashlee is very passionate about each and every customer. She does a great job of providing us with the documentation needed to provide efficient customer service. She is a mother of two sons, Cutter age 6 and Cash age 2. She is enrolled in Paris Junior College as well, majoring in Computer Networking. She was inducted into the National Honor Society this year, which speaks volumes to her commitment in all she does. We are so proud she is a part of our Clayton Homes Family.

Thank you Ashlee…we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Service Tidbit

As a reminder, when requesting factory service please make sure that you have the proper documentation in order for us to process efficiently. This includes a detailed description of repairs needed along with supporting pictures taken from your service tech’s trip to the home. This information is imperative when generating an accurate repair and parts list. This also helps us to complete the work in one trip, and prevents inconveniencing the homeowner further while lowering service costs.

Sales Feature

The Absolute Value is one of the largest members of the Solution Series, with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and over 2,000 square foot of living space. This home, like most of our models, makes a great first impression. Immediately, one will notice the three windows placed over the kitchen sink. This standard feature provides so much natural light, and can be amplified by adding a transom over each window. There are two living areas that border the kitchen/dining room, which makes the Absolute Value the perfect home for entertaining.

What separates this home from most is the massive utility room. Not only does it have a freezer space and the normal washer and dryer area, but there is an option to add a folding table AND a hall tree. The folding table provides the ideal spot to organize your laundry, and the hall tree is the place where backpacks and shoes are stored for the next day. Perhaps the biggest selling point for this room is the door placement. The utility room is designed with a door on the end of the home, which is perfect for entering through a garage or carport. Steve Bennett, co-owner of Kabco Homes in Vidor, TX, has always made this home part of their ideal inventory. Steve stated the “Absolute Value…well, the name says it all! Our customers love the amazing utility room. They love the huge island and the split living area. It’s one of our top sellers!”

Please contact your MDM for a price quote and to discuss how quickly this home can be part of your inventory.

Team Member Of The Month

Last month, after being nominated by his peers, our Pride Team presented Stewart Peterson with the Team Member of the Month award! Stewart works in our Plumbing/Electrical Testing department and has been part of the Clayton Sulphur Springs family for over 3 years. We asked Stewart to tell us a little more about himself by answering the following questions…

Q: What do you like most about your job?
A: The people

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not working?
A: Spend time with my family

Q: Steven Spielberg is directing a film about your life! Who will play the role of Stewart Peterson?
A: ME, the one and only

Q: Tell us about your favorites!
A: Favorite song: Not Dark Yet, by Bob Dylan
Favorite food: Chicken and dumplings
Favorite hobby: Hunting fish

Q: You’re having a dinner party and can invite any 3 people, dead or alive, famous or not famous…who do you invite?
A: My mother, grandfather, and daughter

Q: You just won one million dollars in the lottery! How will you spend the money?
A: Go somewhere with my family and maybe donate some of it

Congratulations Stewart! We appreciate everything you do to help make Clayton Sulphur Springs a great place to work!

Environmental Health & Safety

With the severe weather season quickly approaching us in Texas, our team will complete our yearly training this month. This training will specifically prepare our team in what to do and where to go in the event of a tornado. The Sulphur Springs facility has specific areas posted with a tornado symbol beside certain door entrances. The identified areas are free of windows and are located near the center of the building. Below is an example of the tornado symbol posted by each evacuation area. Team members and any guests of the Sulphur Springs facility are to proceed to these areas in the event of a tornado or severe weather.

 Quality Assurance

Here at Clayton Sulphur Springs, our impeccable finished product for our customers is what helps drive us to new heights. This is due to our team’s ability use all types of materials and turn it into someone’s dream home. But we must get the material to the appropriate departments, so this month I would like to highlight our receiving team. This group works extremely hard everyday. Whether it be rain, sleet, snow or a warm sunny day, this team does an outstanding job.

Thanks for being great at what you do.

From left to right…Justin Tubbs, Vincent Simms, Roy Anderson, Ronnie Martin, Lance Young and Tommy Brown.